In the zone.


Happy Monday! I can’t believe it’s March. It feels like yesterday it was August, and I’m just  finishing up all my projects to graduate on time, which I did (:

Honestly, I really like listening to music while working on assignments or projects, especially if it’s instrumental music. If  you’re looking for a playlist that you just want to zone out, keep you focus, or just relax, I have one playlist on Spotify:

“Out Of It” is the playlist that only has instrumental music. But if you like to listen to my other playlist feel free check it out! The last two are just some old school rap and some recent music that I’m very hyped about haha.



Hey 2017

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Hey. Yes, I know. It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog… BUT fear not, because my goal for this year is to  frequently post something new.

My goal is to create a laid back, chill af  blog. Show you some behind of scenes from my personal projects, bits and pieces of my personal life and some small freebies that you can have from yours truly (: I personally think having a blog is a great outlet to post. It’s nice to look back at memories and see the progress that you made.

I’m excited, nervous, and determined!

Ending my weekend with a good flatlay picture. I hope you’re having great day!

*Hand emoji



First Post! 

I’m excited to start a new blog, (Yeah, I used to have another blog for school but sadly I abandon it and I decided to delete it. *sobbing) this means that I’m starting fresh!

A little random facts about me:

  • I’ve recently graduated at NCAD! Woo Whoo!
  • Piano music in the mornings = Happy Juday.
  • My favorite colors: Black, White and Gray. (I’m so plain I know)
  • And lastly, I have so much thrill when it come to texture, patterns, lettering and trying new mediums.

I cannot wait to share with you my life adventures as a designer and  illustrator.

I hope you guys enjoy!